Uma Expressway in the Renmin Road Top Take the Ban Construction: Along the Huang open the big channel

"This is the high-grade high-grade road in the hinterland of Teng Gri desert" to build Uma Expressway, there is a biggest difficult point, it is to cross the Temple desert hinterland 18 kilometers.

Teng Gri desert topography, many flowing sand dunes, the typical continental climate in medium temperature belt, the precipitation is rare, the wind is controlled by Western circulation, the wind is strong, the average wind speed rice / sec, the largest wind is 11, in such an environment Construction, the difficulty is very difficult. Yang Hai Mount, director of the Office of Ningxia Trading Engineering Construction Management Co., Ltd., recalls the scene of the construction of the construction site: "We have not repaired the road in the deep side of the desert. When I first entered the market, I went to all the sand.

The sand dune is difficult to get lost, and our workers have opened up a road under such a condition and lay the foundation for the construction of Uma high speed.

"The harsh environment has become the biggest challenge of building." There is no communication signal in the initial stage, and our workers are carrying water and dry food. After entering the desert, it is easy to get lost. It is already a deep night … "Before the previous difficulties, Ningxia trading project Construction Management Co., Ltd. Construction of a minister Wang Jinguo once opened the words, "Currently, the whole line communication network has been covered. "Today, a pass path straight through the vast yellow sand. Before the construction of the high-speed construction, the workers have turned over the Dou dunes. After walking, at least 15 hours, now, in less than 15 minutes, I cross Tengri.

In order to prevent flowers from invading the roadbed, this desert road overcomes the technical difficulties.

How to use the wind pressure real roadbed? "Because the characteristics of the winding sand in all parts are different, we use millions of places to compare work, constantly repeat the experiment, and finally choose to use dry pressure law to solve this problem." Wang Jinguo said.

On both sides of the Uma High Speed ??Desert section, the high and low fence is neatly arranged, and the nearest is about 30 cm high.

Wang Jinguo said: "The Desert Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningxia Highway Survey and Design Institute, Ningxia Traffic Construction Co., Ltd., China Second Bureau, our four units jointly brought the problem.

Set the sand fence with the wind side of 200 meters away from the highway, 100 meters from the highway with the highway, combined with high-grade and low-grade sand breaks, realize the peripheral sandwrapping, the inner sanding purpose, effectively prevent the wind The forward movement. ".