Shenzhen reading month main push 16 "love reading" activities

Original title: Shenzhen reading month main push 16 "love reading" event this year’s reading month according to 1 + 3 (N) mode, planning 1 year giant, 3 big theme sectors, a total of 16 main push activities and 40The remaining extension activities, as well as 24 member units to plan more than 260, more than 1400 theme activities.

  Launching ceremony, held "Echo: Previous Read Monthly Exhibition", reviewing the list of famous reading month, selection of famous books in Rao Zongyi, Jin Yong, February, etc., "Shenzhen citizen’s favorite reading gold sentence".

  The annual giant offer: "New Realm" "New Restaurant" activities 1. New realm · Classic poetry recital, with "new" as keywords, invite well-known recital art, Yao Zijuan, Kangzhuang, Xu Wei, Feng Lin, etc. Deductive, applying AI intelligence, holographic image, video connection, etc. to create a new audio-visual feast.

  2. "Development Great View" is a famous family leader to invite the Chinese People’s Liberation Army National Defense University Strategic Research Institute, Jin Yin, Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen) Professor Zheng Yongnian, and jointly talk together "development global view". 3. "Literature Classics Reflecting the Centennial" Literature Party Course, inviting the Chinese Department of Peking University, the Central Party School Lecturer, Shenzhen Cultural Famous Family and other guests teach the literary party class in Shenzhen Book City, attracting the readers in WeChat applets.

  4. Party history learning theme book exhibition, relying on Shenzhen Book City, Bookstore, Book Bar Platform, Exhibition Chen party and government literature and political books, hundreds of party history reading and revolutionary books, systematically tell the history of the Communist Party of China, New China History, The History of Reform and Opening and Opening and Opening and Open. One of the plates: "Cultural alarm clock / red discovery" 1. "Everyone’s voice" 2021 Shenzhen Read Forum Dialogue, imagine beautiful China and a better future.

  2. Read the book: The editor-in-chief of the Hong Kong Mainland Reading Magazine invites the editor-in-chief of Hong Kong "Reading Magazine" and the mainland "Reading" magazine, with the central idea of ??the book, revolve around how to study the magazine in contemporary background, explore Shenzhen-Hong Kong Publishing features, reading differences and magazine development. 2 of the sector: "Yaji / once again encounter" 1. When the design of the design: Shenzhen · Nanjing cultural opposition, combined with this year’s activities theme, held "New Era · New Vision" Shenzhen · Nanjing National People Read the exchange symposium, share the practical experience and important experience of urban reading promotion. 2. Publish a new high-level · Business Printing Board, a series of activities, the theme book exhibition and "Co-Reading Earth Village" global connection dialogue, from the current global common attention to the extreme weather, natural disasters, pathogens, combined with business The classics of ecology, medicine, etc., inviting authoritative experts, writers to launch a connection, and jointly plan a global issue.

  3. Shenzhen · Macao Cultural Blending Mutuality Construction. 4. "Deep Read Space" selection and reading activities, through expert recommendation, public voting method selection "deep reading space" (bookstore, library); design and reading map according to the list of "deep reading space", "Read + Travel" Provide tools; invitation book reviews Green Tea with teams, lead the citizens to conduct "deep reading space" to take a day trip. The three segments: "Reading Festival / Common See the annual good book selection, national new book list awards activities, through industry recommendation, public vote, expert review, etc., the top ten good books, ten children’s books, release book ranking On the list, the city reading index, building an annual reading wind direction. 2. Shenzhen Book Exhibition 2021, Shenzhen Ready Month Synchronize the 3rd Shenzhen Book Exhibition and Reading Month Theme Book Exhibition Hosting the open-air event, relying on Shenzhen Book City, Bookstore, Book Bar Platform, and build warm reading without sleeping night, enriching urban cultural nightlife.

Organize Bauhinia Culture Group, Foreign Writing House and other domestic and foreign publishing agencies to exhibit boutique reading, strengthen the influence of Shenzhen Book Fair in the international community.

  3. Network literature and science magic literature, relying on the Science and Technology Research Center of Southern Science and Technology, inviting professor of Southern Science and Technology, National Excellent Children’s Literature Award Winner Wu Yan held science fiction reading zero-distance series activities, leading the public readers to feel the beauty of science fiction "Morning Star Cup" China original science fiction writing collection activities; the content of the online literary series of content, the reader is happy to see, guide the public to contact outstanding, positive energy network literature, guide the network literature to establish the correct literary value.

  4. Read the future: 2021 The most beautiful campus library selection activities, with the most beautiful campus library as a power point, from the perspective of "Year of the Most Beautiful Campus", "Annual Campus Reading Lights", "annual campus reading Star "three awards, boost" Shuxiang Campus "construction, conducting reading and full-scale cultural media reporting for campus libraries with demonstration meanings. Closed key activities are "warm reading night – the 22nd Shenzhen read month summary sharing", using 1 + N mode, in Shenzhen Book City Central City, the owner, in various districts, the opening of the opening of the nighttime 24-hour light, carry out three top ten (national reading demonstration units, demonstration projects, excellent reading promotion people) awards, etc. summary sharing activities; carry out the sales, music performance, movie screening, online line Experts’ book series activities, carefully prepare a reading of the public, and highlight the festival of reading months. Specific place in the event and time is published in "Shenzhen Reading Month" official WeChat public account.

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