Shocking, Suzhou National Orchestra String Orchestra played "Yanhuang Feng"

Modern Quick News November 1st, "Yanhuang Fengqing" folk song theme twenty-four Chinese orchestra concerts shocked in Suzhou Ethnic Orchestra Music Hall. As the world premiere of China’s orchestra, the concert is strive to be a famous commander Peng Jiapeng, and the Suzhou National Orchestra is a promising, and the music of the Silk bamboo is presented in the scene of the audience. The Yellow Different Sundant, the wonderful. "Yanhuang style" is the orchestra of the Chinese folk song theme of Bao Yuankai, from "Yan Zhao’s story" "Yunling sketch" "Langu Song" and "Jiangnan Rain" and "Taihang Spring Autumn" six parts.

The twenty-four songs theme of the theme of folk songs is like a pearl, and it has become a colorful necklace, shining with the beauty of the Yellow. There is no such thing in the mountains and winds in all over the world. The concert starts with the "Yan Zhao Story". "Small cabbage" "Little Cows" "Jasmine" "Jasmine" "Flower" These flowing a long-term public songs Subsequently, the group "Yunling sketch" will outline the simple innocent in the South of Caiyun, and people are born.

Yunnan love song "Small River Water" "Rain does not sprinkles flowers no red" sometimes soft and moving, and it is warm.

"Run Mountain Song" has both a fast horse whip’s pride, and there is a long-awaiting and soothing of the horse. Yunnan nursery rhyme "guess" is a louder taste of guessing songs with the "winding" style, humorous, harmonious and harmonious. Silk bamboo tone string is inserted, and there is an endless style in the "Jiangnan Rain".

Bamboo flute, guzheng, 琵琶, Hu Qin’s clear voice, matching the monsoon, depicting a beautiful "Wuxi Jing".

Finally, the concert came to an end in the atmosphere of "seeing Yang Ge".

For 30 years, "Yanhuang style" has been popular in the north and south of the Yangtze River. It is a high-level and grounded work.

This time I can work with Teacher Bao, we are also very honored.

This adaptation is not a simple transplant. It is a re-creation. It is the origin of these folk songs. It is a Chinese national musical instrument to express emotions. It can be said that it is more charm than Western Orchestra.

"In the view of Peng Jiapeng, such excellent works and interpretation will also enhance more composers for the creation of Chinese music works. Dean of the School of Music Academy, Arizona, USA, Director of China Music Center, Dr. Lang Xiaoming, Professor, Fox Conservatory Use "enjoyable, shock" to describe your feelings: "Such a big piece of work, there are so many different styles, Suzhou national orchestra can behave so good in such a short rehearsal, it is very difficult.

Especially in such a symphonyized work, it is still valuable to maintain national music. "It is reported that 2021-2022 music seasons, Suzhou National Orchestra will hold 137 large and medium-sized concerts at home and abroad, based in Suzhou, facing the whole country, to the world, let more audience to enjoy the charm of national music, further satisfying the masses Hierarchical, diversified cultural needs. Related recommendations.