Shanxi Qi County Power Supply Company has a good job to help rural resolution

"In addition to the maintenance, we will also pass the WeChat group and the friends circle to the application matters and safety knowledge of photovoltaic power generation, and explain the problems and common fault processing methods that should be noted in the operation of the grid.

"On December 6th, in the Town, Changzhu County, Changzhi County, Shanxi Province, the Trunte Party Service Team Financial Assets Department, the part of the party service team, for the village, and the Safety hidden dangers of the top photovoltaic station," To the user Yang Wanmin, I introduced him to the various related policies for photovoltaic power generation. Since this year, Qi County Power Supply Company has opened up a power supply service for PV customers, optimizes PV customer’s power-on service process, from photovoltaic projects The national support policy to the project’s application process is reached in the overall process of grid-connected power generation, and actively solicit customer opinions and suggestions, explaining the precautions in photovoltaic power generation and common fault treatment, timely help customers solve Difficult. At the same time, in order to eliminate the equipment safety hazards of photovoltaic customers, the company organizes the safety hazards of the Taihang Dawn Communist Party Service Team on the safety situation of photovoltaic users in the jurisdiction, and safety of photovoltaic users. Investigate the risks of hidden dangers and improve the reliability of photovoltaic power generation.

For users who have a large security risk, the safety hazard investigation period rectification notice is issued, and the improvement measures are developed, and the issues of exposed in the inspection will remind users to improve in time.

Up to now, the company’s Communist Party Service Team has changed more than 20 induced hidden dangers, reinforcing the photovoltaic plate 65.

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