The State Council issued the "Notice on Further Implementing the Administrative Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China"

  Xinhua News Agency Beijing, on December 8, the State Council prior prior to printing "Notice on Further Implementing the Administrative Punishment of the People’s Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"). "Notice" pointed out that administrative punishment law is a regional legal, various regions and departments to regulate government behavior, and all departments should implement the height of Xi Jinping’s rule of law, accelerate the construction of the rule of law, the rule of law, the rule of law society, fully understand the new revision. The important significance of the implementation of the administrative punishment law, take effective measures to make specific deployments, and do a good job in implementing work.

  First, strengthen learning, training and publicity work.

It is necessary to carry out institutionalized normalization of normalization training, completed education and training on existing administrative law enforcement officers before June 2022, and continued to do a good job in the training of new employment administrative law enforcement.

To increase the promotion, publicize the administrative punishment law into the region, the "eight-five" law plan of this department, broadly publicize the society, and enhance the national rule of law.

  The second is to standardize the setting of administrative punishment. It is necessary to strengthen the work of legislation, draft laws, regulations, and draft rules, and shall not be set by other administrative measures, and avoid the requirements of administrative punishment. It is reasonable to set a fine of fines according to law, and it has not been punished. It has not yet developed laws and administrative regulations. Because administrative management is urgently needed to set a fine according to law, the amount of fines must not exceed 100,000 yuan, and must not exceed the law The amount of fines on similar illegal activities involving the health and safety of citizens, financial security and harmful consequences, and the amount set will not exceed 200,000 yuan; if it exceeds the above limit, the State Council shall be reported to approval.

We must conscientiously implement the regular assessment system of administrative punishment, combined with the legislative plan plan, and organize an assessment in batches; The third is to further standardize the implementation of administrative punishment.

It is necessary to fully implement the administrative penalty function according to law, and insist on law enforcement for the people, do not violate the law to implement administrative penalties, and must not punish the punishment, and resolutely put an end to the law enforcement, which is strictly forbidden to meet the penalty.

It is necessary to refine the jurisdiction, the program, the hearing, and the implementation and other program systems, and gradually improve the utilization of the delivery address confirmation, and the imposing the electronic payment system will pay a fine. To standardize the settings and use of electronic technology monitoring equipment.

It is necessary to adhere to the rivals and do not identify the fact that there is no violation of the law.

It is necessary to improve the connection mechanism of legal liability and refine the system of illegal income. The fourth is to continuously reform the administrative punishment system mechanism.

It is necessary to enter the reform of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement system, and actively and steadily eliminate the implementation of administrative penalties in township streets, scientifically deregularly decent administrative penalties, a batch of mature, a batch of decentralization, ensure that they are allowed, and there is good management.

It is necessary to regulate the commission of administrative punishment and strictly use the law in writing. It is necessary to enhance administrative law enforcement and gradually improve the joint law enforcement mechanism, copy the promotion of "comprehensive investment" experience, and improve the administrative punishment assistance system, actively explore the system mechanism of cross-regional law enforcement integration cooperation. The fifth is to strengthen supervision of administrative punishment.

To strengthen administrative law enforcement supervision, accelerate the construction of the provincial and county and township four-level executive law enforcement and coordination supervision work system, innovation, strengthen all-round, full process supervision, and enhance the quality of administrative law enforcement.

  "Notice" emphasizes that all regions and departments should implement the implementation of newly revised administrative punishment law as an important starting of the government, effectively strengthen and improve relevant administrative legislation, standardize administrative law enforcement, and strengthen administration. Law enforcement supervision, continuously improve the capacity and level of administration according to law. .