Shanxi Market Regulatory Advisory Complaints August Report Data Analysis Report and Consumption Tips

  Original title: In August, the province’s market supervision consultation complaint report data analysis report and consumption reminder map diagram 2 Figure 3 Figure 4, overview August 2020, 12315 institutions at all levels received consumer consultation complaints Increase% year-on-year. Among them, there are 13,264 pieces, accounting for the total reception amount, increase% year-on-year; complaints 17169 pieces, accounting for the total reception amount, increase% year-on-year; report 2320 pieces, accounting for the total reception amount, increase% year-on-year.

Recover the economic loss for consumers.

See Figure 1 for details. In August, consult a complaint report weekly received the total number of receptions. See Figure 2 for details. Second, the relevant epidemic prevention and recording status analysis, in August 20, 12315 institutions at all levels of the province received 17,169 complaint cases, including 4008 pieces of prevention and control complaints, specific data: epidemic prevention supplies 21 Piece, daily food class complaints 701, 1,617 rebounds, 2,46 complaints in two products, 0 illegal trading complaints, 620 complaints of product quality, 803 complaints. See Figure 3 for details. Third, the relevant epidemic prevention and control report analysis In August 20, 12315 institutions at all levels were accepted by 2320 cases, of which 822 pieces (accounting for the relevant epidemic prevention and control), the specific data is: epidemic prevention supplies 3 pieces, daily food types reported 342 pieces, two products and three reports, illegal transactions reported 0 pieces, 20 product quality programs, 151 non-operating students, and other categories.

See Figure 4 for details. IV. Consumption Tips "Opening Season" to buy learning supplies should pay attention to the "equipment" purchase of the new round of students "equipment" has opened up with the "equipment" purchase of the new round of students. "

Special reminds students and parents to pay attention to the following points: (1) Buying computer phones must be cautious.

The opening season is the peak season of university freshmen purchase computer, mobile phones and other electronic products.

Before shopping, it is recommended to learn more about product performance and price, choose a regular vendor with a certain scale, do not purchase some non-applicable products due to low prices. If you need to purchase, you must understand the reason for the product discount price, and check the goods on the spot. After confirmation, pay again; at the same time, we must consider the economic situation, do not blindly compare "popular" "popular" goods. (2) Primary and secondary school students should pay attention to health and safety consumption.

The stationery is not more incense, the paper is not more white, and it is necessary to pay attention to its safety and practicality, and choose a formal mall to buy a cultural and educational supplies. When purchasing stationery, please pay attention to the material and content of its adding ingredients, and the stationery without special odor should be selected when selecting the same station; when the choice of the selection word drawing, you can choose from yellowish paper. According to the "Safety General Requirements" promulgated by the country, the brightness (whiteness) of the book should not be more than 85%, and the whiteness is yellow in the paper, and it is also as possible in the use of stationery. Use the rubber to use the use of the use of the solution "; buy manual scissors, the blade should consider safety, should buy a round arc-like top product, should not purchase sharp cutting-edge products.

  (3) After shopping, take the initiative to ask the merchant to obtain relevant vouchers. Consumers buy electronic products should be carefully viewed in the brand, model, configuration, price, purchase time of the verification, and whether the goods and other goods are consistent with the goods purchased; for choosing online shopping, pay special attention to the express delivery Check for timely rights in time.

  Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration 12315 Consumer Complaint Report Command Center September 4, 2020.