The highest level of the US military was exposed to the new crown, only 5 people left in 8 people.

The Director of the US National Guard has been exposed to the new crown virus. The US Space Army commander is also isolated because of the contact with new crown infected, and they are members of the United States. In the United Native Chief of the US Chief, the US Chief, which should have been composed of 8 members, currently have 5 people to work properly. According to December 4, the US National Guard was confirmed on December 3, and the US National Guard Secretary Hogikusen took a pneumonia virus test results after visiting Europe. Isolated and take the way to work. The report also said that the US Air Force spokesperson also said that the US Space Army Commander John Raymond has recently "has been exposed to people with a number of people with multiple new crown viruses", although Raymond’s new crown virus test results did not Presenting positive, but he is isolated, some of his travel arrangements are also canceled.

There is media analysis, and one person has been diagnosed with new crown in the United States, which is currently consistent with 7 people, and one person is isolated. At present, members of the United States Chief Joint Conference include Mili, President of the Chief of Staff, will, US Army Staff, McCain, US Marine Corps, Boger, US Navy, Jilbe, US Air Force Staff Chang Brown will, the US Space Army Commander Raymond and the Director of the US National Guard Hoganson.

The US Staff Joint Conference should have 8 members, but the vice chairman of the joint meeting of the staff member will have retired from the next month, and the Biden Government nominated the US Navy Fleet Command commander’s commander. This position has not yet obtained the US Congress agreed, so the current US Chief Joint Meeting only 7 members. (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.