The pot waterfall "Peach Blossom" has been a bit early this year.

Original title: Taokou Waterfall "Peach Blossom" This year, this year has been a bit of media reports. The Yellow River kettlement waterfall in Ji County and Shaanxi Yichuan County, Jiichuan County, Shanxi Province, recently welcomed the earliest "peach blossom" in more than 20 years. The water volume of the pot waterfall is increased, forming a magnificent waterfall group, quite eye-catching.

  What is "peach blossom"? Why is the "peach blossom" of the Yellow River kettlekou waterfall this year so early? Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed this.

  "There are four floods in the Yellow River, Fu Ji, Qiu Zhen, Ling Feng, Peach Blossom. Among them, the peach blossom is caused by the ablation of the spring river ice, not precipitation.

When Ling Feng open the river, the rigid Yellow River coastal peach flower bloom, so the name ‘peach blossoms’, generally appeared in January-March.

Liu Zhiwei, deputy director of the Hydrological Water Resources Monitoring Forecasting Center of Water Resources, introduced in an interview with Science and Technology Daily reporters on March 15. According to the news released on the 13th, Huang River is on February 3rd, February 10 Upstream Ningxia He section, March 9th, the mountains, Shaanxi section of the mountains, will open the river on Mongolia, on Mondashi. At this point, the Yellow River Fengzhai section opened the river, marking the 2020-2021 Yellow River anti-cranes successfully ended. 2020 – In the 1221, the Yellow River was overall, and the whole river did not have a large lame disaster.

  The date of opening the river is obviously one of the characteristics of the Yellow River in the Yellow River in 2020 – 2021. The monitoring data showed that the annual Yellow River Open the river than the year (1970-2015), the average value was 13 days early. Since the data record, since the earliest opening date of 1997-1998, March 12. Ningxia Shizui Shui Decision opened on February 10th, 17 days from the past year; Sanhu River, Sanyuan, Inner Mongolia, opened on March 5, with 16 days per year, and has the earliest of information. The maximum flow of 1210 cubic meters per second when the Yellow River headway is turned on, which is less than 40%. This year, the "peach blossom" of the Yellow River kettlement waterfall is so early, close to the temperature rise.

Liu Zhiyu introduced that since the end of January this year, the average temperature in the Yellow River Inner Mongolia, continued to be high of 2-7 degrees Celsius, and the ice of ice was measured, so the "peach blossom" has been early. "Unlike the southern ‘peach blossoms’ may cause river water to rise due to a wide range of heavy rainfall, and the amount of water in the Yellow River pot’ peach flower is a normal phenomenon.

"Liu Zhiyu said. (Science and Technology Daily reporter Tang Ting) (Editor: Gao Hongxia, Zhanghua Wei).