Sesame opens! Automatic driving chip company is estimated by nearly 2 billion US dollars after the financing of Xiaomi

On November 4, according to the Reuters website recently reported that China’s automatic driving calculation chip company black sesame intelligence has recently announced that the company has completed hundreds of millions of dollars in strategic rounds and C round financing. The results were nearly 2 billion US dollars. The black sesame intelligent technology public number issued a document, and the strategic wheel was involved in investment by domestic industrial leading enterprises such as Xiaomi Yangtze River Industry Fund, Fundara. C-round financing by Xiaomi Yangtze River Industry Fund, Wen Thai War, China Automotive Chip Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance and other follow-up.

Black sesame smartly said that Xiaomi Yangtze River Industry Fund has passed the industry head enterprises to optimistic about black sesame intelligence.

According to the report, the FAW Group, Fu’ao Auto and Des-Wiwei jointly established Competh Complex car funded black sesame intelligence, planned to deepen cooperation with black sesame intelligence in capital and business sector.

Black sesame intelligence was established in 2016, focusing on high-tech research and development in technical fields such as large – minder driving calculation chips and platforms.