Sichuan Xianyang: Activating the New Pattern of Urban Development in the Empty Engine

  · Xinhuanet Li Zhouqin June 27th, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport "God Bird Wings", ushered in the first flight of Nhanghang, officially became a new window in Sichuan and the western China.

  East along Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, you can reach the sun after 12 kilometers. In the construction of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, the Empty Economic Zone is in the emerging city in this, which is closely connected to Chengdu Tianfu International Airport. (Video: In 2016, there is 2016, "The Outline of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport will be released, and there is an emergency area in Chengdu and the urban area. Qianyang, take advantage of the wings of the Empty End, and the opportunities for urban development are unprecedented.

  The times shaped the city and also changed the city map. In 2017, Chengdu "Dongjin" strategy officially put forward that Chengdu urban pattern ushered in the millennium. With the policy dividends, the province of the city will drive through the urban development bottleneck and enter the new stage of urban development.


  Focus on the present, under the context of the domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international dual cycle mutual promotion, regional central cities have based on new era, transform the location advantage into development kinetic energy, create new economic growth, Qianyang has its own business city logic and. From the strategic fulcrum from the strategic fulcrum to Chengdu Hub, June 27, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport first flight, Sichuan Airlines Chengdu to Beijing Capital Airport 3U800 flights take off smoothly.

Chengdu became a city after Beijing, Shanghai, my country has two international hub airports, attracting attention. Qianyang city hot words. Standing in the country, the location of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport is located, and the new pattern of driving radiation regional economy and accelerating the formation of regional coordinated development, it is a key polar. After returning to Sichuan Province, relying on the economic and cultivating the development of modernization, we need to build more points of spending cities to undertake the industries and functions of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport.

From this perspective, as a regional center city of the "dual-core" in Sichuan Province, it is undoubtedly a strategic fulcrum city that is concerned. Dubi zone bitmap (simple map).

  From the global planning domain, serve in a domain service.

Chengdu-Chongqing door hub, new urban city, is the overall positioning of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee.

At the beginning of planning, the Qiyang Endurance Economic Zone is actively promoted to the experience and freedom of the Sheng’an New District, Chengdu Airport New Town, and the construction standards of the bonded area, and continuously improve the planning system of the Empty Endurance Economic Zone. Industrial layout is both attending the development and persistence Displays complementary. Adhere to high quality construction, take the initiative to serve the overall situation of Sichuan Province, practical Chengdu "Dongjin", and the "West Welcome".

  Licensed 4 years planning, with natural high-profile geographical advantages, under the support of the construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu, the two strategies of the development of the city, the Qiyang Empty Economic Zone became the Chengyu Portal and the Chengcheng City Core area, main position.

  Making the situation and entering the empty economy becomes a new economic growth, the extremely speaker, and the worker wins. In the context of promoting the formation of new development patterns in the domestic circulation, domestic and international dual cycles, in the context, in the city, to grab the opportunity in a new round of development, you need to find a positioning, more need to find the activation global Chess eye.

  The Empty Economy is an important engine that promotes urban construction and driving regional economic development.

Looking at the world, the airport has changed from a simple air transportation hub into a city economy complex that enriches a large number of resource elements. The Qianyang Empty Economic Zone undertakes the function of building an important strategic franchise in the construction of incents, and the economic innovation and development of the economic innovation, the fun of the Yaoshi Industrial New City, which promotes the opening of the city, promoting regional coordinates, and expands the city space. More and more important roles.

  It is the key to building an empty economy. Ziyang Empty Economic Zone with the development of emergency industries, the whole domain layout, high-end manufacturing, emergency comprehensive services, three industrial ribilities in urban agriculture, forming a large health, big intelligence, urban consumption and urban agriculture 3 + 1 "leading industry system. At the same time, it has cultivated new kinetic energy, reflecting the retail properties, focusing on duty-free shopping, e-commerce logistics, and contributions, and builds the Tourism consumption destination.

  The economic operation of the Qianyuan End Economic Zone 2020. Standing in the new starting point, facing the new air outlets, the development potential of the Empty Economy as the new economic growth of the Qianyang is being revealed. According to statistics, the total production value of Yang Yunying Economic Zone was worth 100 million yuan in Yang Yong Economic Zone.

Among them, the first industry achieved value of 100 million yuan, which increased by the previous year; the secondary industry achieved value of 100 million yuan, grew% over the previous year; the tertiary industry achieved a value of billion yuan, grew than the previous year. Soon after, with the full formation of the emergence, high-end service industrial clusters, the healthy development of urban agriculture, and the Qiyang Empty Economic Zone will provide a new kinetic energy for urban and regional economic development. The whole domain fusion promotes the bonus acceleration of the Empty Economic Development, departing from the Hongxing Middle Road in Chengdu, and passes through Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, after the Qianyang, directly to the Yue.

From July 1st, this is about 29 miles, two-way 8 lanes, and 80 kilometers wide design speed, will increase new options for public transportation of public transportation between the two places of the country and Chengdu.

  Chengde’s adults have achieved results in the public service field since its homage. The income channel is just a microcosm. With the operation of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, as a state in which the important task of the rise of Chengdu is a double-city economy, accelerates the integration of the double city economy in Chengdu, continue to deliver the city, and share the development environment, development policies, development resources, development of Chengdu. The platform is the city actions that the public responded to the public.

  Accelerate the construction of the co-fusion planning system; accelerate the establishment of "8 high 11-track 16 fast" three-dimensional integrated transportation network, strive to integrate into Chengdu half an hour, Chongqing 1 hour economic circle; create a DVP integration development demonstration area; linkage in the surrounding area Lemon industry cluster; expand the depth of the public service convenience sharing … Whether it is a top-level design involving urban planning or regulating the policy system of urban operation, it is not reflected in the perspective of a large integration, and the urban development of the Red Listening and the public. " temperature". End Economic Zone in Chengdu Tianfu International Airport.

  In the emergency economic zone, such a city "initial heart" is also visible.

Adhere to the "first-defined landscape re-departure city", highlight the three characteristics of "door hub, retail economy, park city", build an important strategic fulcrum in the landlocked, building an economic innovation and development of the economy and the construction of Yiran 蜀 乡Industrial new city. Use "people, city, production" logic, plan "Building City" on the 99 square kilometers of land, so that more and more citizens are here, happy, is the urban development bonus acceleration release, city and People are best incorporated by people.

  Open a new bureau in the change. Take the "14th Five-Year Plan", standing in the new historical intersection, as an important portal hub of the linkage, and the new new urban city, will take advantage of the "Chengdu" Tianfu International Airport, Create a new pattern of urban development.