The fund market will then create new products in the first batch of enhanced ETFs to be approved

[] The domestic ETF market ushered in the first batch of enhanced ETF. On November 15th, the five fund companies, including the southern, Huatai Berry, China Merchants, Jingshun Great Wall, and Cathantai.

  The reporter learned that the enhanced ETF has been reported since 2019. "gradually becoming more than" this year, the latest progress continues to land.

It is reported that in September this year, the products have completed the latest information; in October, the first increase in ETF ushered in the exchange on-site inspection, and inspected the complete process involved in the product operation, and finally approved in November. The enhanced ETF is a kind of active management ETF, which is a more mature investment product in overseas markets.

According to the Southern Fund Index, Index Enhancement ETF means that the active index combination management and risk control is performed through quantified methods based on the effective tracking of the index, strive to achieve investment income beyond the target index, use stock Sub-redeem expands in real or fund contracts, and the open fund of the stock exchange trading in the stock exchange.

  It is understood that the first five enhanced ETFs are based on the performance of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 and 500 wide-based indexes as performance, and the above two wide-based indices have previously been more mature strategic enhancement experience. In the five enhanced ETF, the South, Huatai Bo Rui, China Merchants, and Guotai’s enhancement ETF is expected to be listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. However, the first batch of enhanced ETF has no clear distribution schedule. The China Merchants Fund said that the initiative ETF reported the initiative ETF adopted an index enhanced ETF product form, combined with both the index enhancement fund and passive ETF.

In the investment strategy, the fund manager will give the fund manager’s active investigation capability, adopt an index enhancement strategy, and achieve a smaller tracking deviation of the combination of tracing, obtaining a transcendal index based on the control tracking error. Investment income.

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