Qin just talked about the 80th anniversary of the US Flying Tigers to China: China and the United States should inherit the two people’s friendly friendship

People’s Network Washington November 16th (Reporter Zhang Mengxu) On November 16th, the Chinese People’s Friendship Association held China Air Force US Volunteers Aviation Aviation (Flying Tigers) from the 80th anniversary of the 80th anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War. Chinese ambassador to the United States Qin Gang speaking on video methods.

The ambassador of Qin Gang said that in 190 years, the "Flying Tiger Team" has been passed down on behalf of China and the United States. China has built the "American Flying Tigers Guilin Ruins Park" in Guilin, Guangxi, established the "Flying Tigers" Memorial Hall in Kunming, where the "Flying Tigers" headquarters, the US "Flying Tiger Team" and the offspring have visited China, donation The "Flying Tiger Team" has been used for the transportation machine and other transporters, invited Chinese people who have helped the US soldiers to visit the United States, old friends reunite, and jointly support the people of the two countries to support each other and fight together.

The Ambassador Qin Gang pointed out that the current Sino-US relations are facing severe tests. China and the United States should inherit the friendship between the two people through the war, and should not go to misunderstanding and even conflict conflict, achieving two major political systems, different cultures, and different development phases of each other respect, peaceful coexistence, cooperation, win-win, Shoulder to jointly fight against epidemic, economic recovery, climate change, etc., build a peace, prosperity, and stable world for future generations! This is the value of our commemoration and promotion of the spirit of "Flying Tiger" today. (Editor: Su Tongxiang, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.