The first Sino-Russian Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Creative Competition

People’s Network Beijing September 10 (Pool Dream) September 9-10, the first Sino-Russian Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Creative Competition-Medical Health and Wenxin Sports Industry finals held in Changping. Two days of this industrial final, with the theme of "Zhihui Changping, China and Russia", from Changping District People’s Government, Tsinghua University, Zhongguancun Development Group, St. Petersburg National University, Moscow Innovative Clusters. More than 100 guest clouds meet, China and Russian entrepreneurship gathered together, with a new chapter of China and Russian technology innovation cooperation. Yang Renquan, deputy director of the people’s government of Changping District, Yuan Wei, deputy director of the School Committee of Tsinghua University, delivered a speech, Mayor Vladitt Dudikin, Moscow Mayor, Foreign Economy and International Liaison Office The director of the Contact Room, Victorian, deputy director of the Beijing Talents Work Authority, gave a speech on the Ambassador of the Russian Embassy in Russia. At the signing ceremony, Changshangzhong, Changping District People’s Government, signed the "People’s Republic of China, Changping District, Beijing City, Moscow City, Russia, Moscow City, Russia, Moscow City Cooperation Memorandum " The Basic Principles Memorandum has laid the foundation for further cooperation between the two sides. Yang Ren, deputy director of Changping District People’s Government, said that Changping is the top grow of the capital, the ecological environment is good, the cultural heritage is profound, and the innovation resources are rich, and the industrial foundation is solid.

Since last year, Changping has used an important carrier area of ??"two districts" to ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity. Based on the duties of the scientific and technological innovation in the self-trade test area, focus on the future Science city "Two Valley One Park", vigorously develop medical health, advanced energy, advanced learning, etc. 100 million yuan, growing%, created "Changping Speed" and created an open "Changping model". This year is the "Sino-Russian Science and Technology Innovation Year". It is the first time in China and Russia for the first time in the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation", which indicates that technology innovation will become a core issue and important hub of Sino-Russia cooperation in the new era. China and Russian Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship and Creative Competition opened the door of Changping District and Trilitzk City, I believe that both sides will take advantage of the competition as an opportunity to give birth to more, better technological innovation cooperation projects.

Yuan Wei, deputy director of the School Committee of Tsinghua University, said Yuan Wei, deputy director of the National People’s Congress, said that in the context of the Sino-Russian friendship, Tsinghua University attaches great importance to communication and cooperation with Russia. The "Sino-Russian Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship and Creative Competition" hosted by the Tsinghua University Russian Institute, is an important platform for China and Russian Science and Technology Innovation Year.

"Development is the first order, talent is the first resource, innovation is the first motivation.

"Tsinghua University will explore and carry out research work in Sino-Russian cooperative theory and practice, actively build the platform, deepen the achievements of collaboration, entrepreneurial investment, etc., serve the development strategy of the two countries. Deputy Director of Beijing Talent Work Bureau Liu Minhua said that the first "Sino-Russian Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Creative Competition" as one of the "Sino-Russian Science and Technology Innovation Year", will bring more opportunities for both scientific and technological innovation, will help Beijing further exert the international interaction center function The role, fully demonstrate the new advantage of "two districts", promote Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center and National Cultural Center Construction, to fully implement the national strategy of "New Era", China’s comprehensive strategic collaboration partnership, and enhance two countries youth science and technology innovation talents Communication, open-line online, international technology exchanges and new models of investment promotion are extremely important. "The first Sino-Russian Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship and Creative Competition" is one of the important activities under the framework of "China Russian Science and Technology" It is committed to building a three-way results. First, it is to build a new magnetic field. To set up a platform, set the competition into international level, effective innovation and entrepreneurial youth competition, expand the depth and breadth of Sino-Russian technology innovation cooperation; second, in the competition Falling as a target traction, fully playing the complementarity of the two countries, reasonably configuring innovative elements resources, and promotes the pragmatic results of cooperation; third is to promote the establishment of two universities and research institutes, high-tech industrial clusters, investment institutions and other diversified principals Cross-border collaborative innovation mechanism to ensure the health and sustainable development of cooperation.

Two days of the industry finals, a total of 40 finalists, with competition, through project road performance and question and answer interaction, each track selection 1, two, third prizes and winners. The successful holding of this industry final will help Changping District gather in China and Russia’s innovative elements, build a platform for the Russian Critical Cooperation, and promote the land of quality entries.

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