Celebrating the 72nd Anniversary of New China Announced on the Top 4 Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China

Hongkou is a long-term residential place of Comrade Mr. Zeng Song, the flag designer.

The flag is a 上海qm体验报告 symbol of the country. Where is the national flag fluttering, where it can condense China’s strength.

In order to protect, tap, use the national flag cultural resources, the four major memorials of the CPC, to change the company’s improvement project as an opportunity to create Shanghai’s first national flag education exhibition hall.

As an important place for Shanghai patriotism education, the National Flag Education Exhibition Hall is striving to cultivate citizen patriotic feelings, and guide youth generation to establish patriotic to make contributions. On the occasion of the 72nd National Day, the event site staged the "Story of the National Flag" "Flag" on the spot, and the first time I released the national flag of the national flag of preschool education cartoon "Story".


Through the form of art performance and film and television works, the next generation of the motherland provides vivid and interesting materials for the national flag culture. At the scene, the beginning of the ceremony: the beginning of the initiative, the three people in the Red City talked in the Chamonlord Chamber of the Communist Party of China.

The chairman of the Shanghai Social Sciences Association, the president of the Shanghai Municipal Party Society, Zhang Ping, former deputy director of the Organization Department of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Director Feng Xiaomin, director of the Municipal Party Strike Research Office, jointly explored Shanghai as "Red City" The unique historical conditions and advantages, sharing Shanghai Advanced Party Experiences, Explore and prospecting the specific connotation and practical value of "The Great Jian Party Spirit", guiding the majority of party members from the birth of the party, from the party After the great time of the founding of the party, we will vigorously promote the spirit of the great borders, inherit the red gene, and practice the initial mission. Finally, this party class sings "International Song" in the audience.