Funding and Yumi Expressway is officially opened at 12 o’clock on November 20th.

Original title: Focusing on the highway, the provincial fees will be officially opened on November 12th, on November 20th, the cover journalist learned from the relevant departments of Sichuan, 12 o’clock on November 20th, and the capital Expressway is officially opened. This is this high-speed, followed by the sun, and the six toll stations opened after 上海玩外菜 the Qiyang Huilong, Le Zhi Tongli, An Yuexi, An Yue Longtai.

  Ziyang Linfficient Western Toll Station is located in the main line K62 + 635, which is the main line of Yunzhou Expressway. It has a total of 9 toll trails (4 into 5 out, 6 ETC dedicated lanes, 3 artificial / ETC hybrid lanes), About 12 km from Zhanyang City, about 19 kilometers from Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, currently moving through the incadvenation of the revival of the Empty Avenue to the Empty West Toll Station. After the opening of the Qiyang Yinhui West Toll Station, the public in the publication of the public into the Chengyang Expressway will no longer detour the Chengyu Expressway. The high-speed rapid speed is one of the 18 radiation in the "18-shot 9 vertical 9 horizontal" provincial high network, which belongs to the 上海虹口新茶外卖 important part of the provincial high network S3, starting from Jiangyuan Town, Jianyang City, a simple practice with Chengdu Economic Zone Duan Xi, docking into Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Expressway, Jingyang, Le Zhi, Anyue, stopped in Longtai Town, Anyue County, Chuanyu, docking Chongqing Municipal Planning of Hechuan to Weinan to Anyue Expressway, full length .

The highway started construction in May 2018. It built a traffic operation on December 31, 2020. It has the province of air, and the Yanshan will be emandy. To Tongli, An Yuexi, An Yuebei, An Yueli and other 10 toll stations.

The remaining four have opened the opening time of the toll station will be determined according to the construction of the local 上海闵行kb最新 connection path.

  Next, the company will further accelerate the construction of the remaining toll booth project, in order to meet the development of regional economic development and the travel needs of the people, serving the Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengyu Region.

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