Full Media New Story Changchun Planning Farm Trims Transformed "Cultural Court"

Into Liu Jinfeng Home, here is like a small "cultural institution."

The outdoor courtyard is flat, and there are dozens of square meters of small shops are also upgraded into a rehearsal room, and various instruments and entertainment equipment are placed neatly.

In the past three years, the club has been in the evening, and it will be born in the evening. The surrounding farmers will come and enjoy a rich cultural life.

At first set up a club, Liu Jinfeng is full of heart, I want the villagers to participate in cultural activities in the spare time, let the neighbors have harmoniously, change everyone’s lifestyle, not easy.

上海夜生活品茶网 But when I think of a sick husband, Liu Jinfeng is still determined, no matter how the results must try it, "Only enjoy the physical and mental, can be healthy, the country needs more people in the cultural event room." There are only a few villagers who have participated in the country. " Activities, Liu Jinfeng adds an audio, clothing, table and chair, and the village who loves to sing the love and the village of the village, and the villagers will see a daily entertainment project through a series of careful plans.

After a long time, other villagers can’t sit, find Liu Jinfeng to join the club.

In this way, under her insistence and guidance, the atmosphere in the village is active, and the "Cultural Court" has become a leisure 上海浦东品茶快餐 of villagers, and the flowers of spiritual civilization bloom.

"The villagers who participated in the event must have four or more people every day. Especially for people, there are very many people." Liu Jinfeng’s roaming on the event content of the event, "We rehearsed the program is in online, the club member is generally 60 years old." It is better to have a good body as a good body, I just want to do something for the villagers through the ‘Country Club’.

"The Chinese New Year, February, March, March" is the life portrayal of the peasants in the past, and the farmhouse transformed into the "cultural institute", here is the "gas station" of the villagers’ spiritual civilization. " The villagers who have only rely on playing cards have a good place, 上海水磨会所 and a new platform is also provided for the immigrants.