Detail power: great practice in new China

Open-China Dynasty Jungle flutters the red flag of the high altitude, countless red five-star lights, round lights, various weapons and sickle axes, is in the "Long live the People’s Republic of China", "Long live the Central People’s Government", "Long live Chairman Mao" The slogan marks a strong desire to consolidate: consolidate your motherland and the people’s government.

Therefore, when the commander of Zhu, Mr. Zhu, the people’s land and land air force troops were raised in the venue center, and the masses have pouring the same fanatical cheers. Many people sitting alone 上海贵族宝贝交流 in the next two and a half hours. The film, camera, telescope and hundreds of thousands of eyes have been concentrated on the inspected troops, excited to see any arms and soldiers who can see anything. The first five-year program has begun in 1950, China has signed the first batch of Soviet Agreements for the Soviet Union of the Soviet Union Design and Complete Supply Equipment. According to the needs of national economic recovery and construction, the first batch of construction projects for the Soviet supplies, mainly the basic industrial and national defense industries such as coal, electricity and other energy industries, steel, non-ferrous metals, chemicals, and a total of 50 projects.

After the anti-US aid, in order to consolidate the national defense, the victory of the war, in May 1953, my country’s national defense military industry and its related supporting 上海干磨交流 projects were focused, and the Soviet Union supplied equipment construction projects in the Soviet Union, the Sino-Soviet Union Supply Complete Equipment Construction Project 91 projects, 2 steel combined plants, 16 dynamic machines and power machine manufacturers, 8 non-ferrous metallurgical enterprises, 8 mines, 1 coal federation, 3 wash mills, 1 petroleum refinery, 32 machine manufacturers, 7 chemical plants, 10 fire power plants, 2 pharmaceutical industries produced by sulfonades, Pani West, and streptomycin and 1 food industry. In October 1954, my country has signed a third batch of Soviet Provincial Soviet Supply Complete Equipment Construction Projects, introducing Energy Industry and Raw Material Industry and other projects, and decided to expand the supply range of 141 complete sets of equipment projects. .

At this point, the aid project signed with the Soviet Union has reached 156 items, which is the "156 items" in the future.

On the occasion of the new century, the Western Development is coming, according to Deng Xiaoping’s strategic thinking of the modernization of the "two big firms" discussed in the late 1980s and the early 1980s, the Party Central Committee made a significant decision-making of the development strategy of the West China. .

In January 2000, the Development Leading Group of the Western Region of the State Council held a meeting to study the development of development in the western region, emphasizing unified ideology, clear mission, and unlike the time to implement the western regional development strategy.

The meeting pointed out that the implementation of the Western Development Strategy is a large-scale engineering, and it is 上海千花阁 also a long-term, arduous task, which must be a sense of urgency, but also from long.

It is necessary to coordinate planning, highlight key points, step-by-step implementation, and meet the goals in phases.