Beijing Daxing started the Jinqiu tourist season launched 8 "happy travel" boutique lines

In 上海干磨水磨一条街 the survey, please wait. If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page in the National Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and the Jinqiu tourist season in Daxing District, Beijing is also officially opened.

On September 11th, "Enjoy Life · Jingcai Daxing" 2021 Daxing District Tourism Market Promotion Investment Activities held in Beijing Yuxin Boya Art Museum, 30 Chinese travel enterprises in the district and nearly 200 tourism from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region The intermediary is present. Seeing the event scene, the Wenxue booth is full of deer theme. Various fresh fruit vegetables in the tropical botanical garden, the original works such as mahogany and silk towels in the 文 博 雅 艺 馆, there is a "flower" gift of Nabo Bay garden, there is a Walat Manor, two pot head wine, Longxing number Fangzhuang winery wine, there is a small ant branch, Yishengyuan food, all kinds of dolls in Beijing Wildlife Park, etc., like a "Wenhua Collection", which is quotted to stop watching.

  On the promotion, the Daxing District Wenxiao Bureau launched 8 "Happy Tour" tourism boutique lines, including: national style journey, preliminary journey, vitality and health tour, fun parent-child journey, ecological sightseeing tour, Wenbo Research Tour, Fashion City Tour Peace South Red Tour. The line covers sightseeing, parent, gourmet, picking, culture, science, etc., and can freely choose experiences for tourists.

  In recent years, the development trend of studying tour in Daxing District has been well developed, and a large number of resource units in the Daxing District Social Classroom Management Unit. In the day of the day, the District Television Bureau is awarded the "Daxing District Primary School Social Classroom Resources Unit" in the Huangcun Town Adult School, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing Sanfang Cultural Creative Co., Ltd. . In the subsequent "BOSS Executive" link, five representative tourism companies have entered the stage for enterprises.

There is a Chinese traditional cultural communication base with red wood – 文 博 雅 艺 馆, there is a 2016 Intercontinental General Assembly and 2021 Yangzhou World Horticultural Expo, the International Competition of the Yangzhou World Horticultural Expo. Have a worse than 8 annual championships and sought after by young people – Dean Automobile Sports, with Old Beijing Childhood Memory – Elisine North Ocean, also known as Jingnan – Ya Road Ancient Tropical Botanical Garden. "Through today’s promotional activities, I met some projects that have not been touched before, such as Dean Automobile Sports, Yeah Elf Tribe, I have never been to, I look forward to stepping on the line this afternoon, I personally feel it. .

"The Hebei Tourism Agency of a Participation has been influenced by the new crown epidemic in the past two years. The tourism introduction will increase the vitality for the recovery of the tourism industry. I hope to recommend these good projects as soon as possible to friends like tourism. We started from "Xing"! The relevant person in charge of the District Travel Service said that this promotion will invite tourism intermediaries from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area to gather in Daxing. The popularity and brand promotion capabilities of Wenbao Enterprises have promoted the replenishment of complex workers and pulling tourism market consumption, and promoted the vigorous development of Daxing culture and tourism.

Next, Daxing District will continue to improve service quality, improve the capacity of the reception, excavate its potential, open up market channels, and further enhance the quality of the Daxing District Cultural Tourism Market by launching more, and further enhances the quality of the cultural tourism market in Daxing District. The public provides better product services to promote the recovery of the tourism market. Happy Tour – Jingcai Daxing Tourism Boutique Line Collection Daxing’s popular destination, the world is very large, from "Xing"! Ethnic Tour: Yea Road Ancient Tropical Botanical Garden (Sightseeing, Parent) + Xilin Tala Mongolian Fengyuan (Gourmet) + Yishengyuan Food Co., Ltd. (Parent, Gourmet) + Jia Shang Ecological Farm (Sightseeing, Picking) Put Flower Tour: World Most Theme Park (Sightseeing, Leisure) + Pear Flower Village (Sightseeing) + Homards (Gourmet) + Enamel Capital (Accommodation) + Nabo Bay (Sightseeing) + Panguan Road along the Garden (Pick) Vitality and Health Tour: Yongding River Green Harbor (Sightseeing, Leisure) + Zhugemei (Accommodation) + Yongding Residential (Gourmet) + Tong Ren Tang Zhuang Store (Health, Experience) + Yongxingyuan (Pick) + Red Sport Center (Sports, parent-child) Fun Parent-child journey: Wildlife Park (Sightseeing, Leisure, Parent) + Longxi Hotel / Tea Dianghehe. 清 阁 (Accommodation) + Watermelon Small Town / Guaranteed (Gourmet) + Dean Meng Run Club / Bao Dehui Kart Club (Parent, Experience) Eco Tour Tour: Malayte Manor (Sightseeing, Leisure) + Yanze Home Private House (Gourmet) + Agile Art Museum (Experience) + Small Antiji (Experience) + Shanxi Yingxin Link Culture 上海松闵行水磨会所 Park / Green Siwei Villa (Sightseeing, Picking) Wenbo Research Tour: Panbo Museum Group (文 博雅, Tanbo Xing Shanyuan, Yu Tianfang) + Laojiao Hand (Gourmet) + Huayi雕 版 印 (非, experience) + Wooden cotton · 掇掇 书店 (leisure) Fashion City Tour: Yili North Bingyang (Parent, Experience) + Hilton Hotel (Accommodation) + Complete Shopping Center / Greenland (Business Circle " + Ya Garden Creative Industrial Ecological Park (Leisure) + Nanhai Elk Court (Popular, Sightseeing) Pingnan Red Tour: Daxing District Party School – Daxing District Martyrs Memorial Square – Watermelon Museum – Beijing Wildlife Park Leave Private Ecology Park – Tianzhong Martyrs Cemetery – Yah Road Ancient Tropical Botanical Garden – Okennik Family Farm.