Expert reminder: excessive blood pressure may cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

  Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot October 8 (Reporter Wei Wei) 夜上海社区 October 8th is "National Hypertension Day", this year’s publicity theme is "blood pressure should be aware of knowledge, step down to meet the standard."

Hypertension is a healthy "invisible killer", which is easy to cause multiple complications, patients who are diagnosed with high blood pressure hopes to drop blood 阿拉爱上海同城对对碰论坛 pressure as soon as possible. Experts reminded that blood pressure is stable, the blood pressure drop is too fast in a short period of time, which may cause cerebral infarction, and the risk of adding the brain stroke.

  Wu Yun, deputy director of the Heart Center of the People’s Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said that the purpose of antihypertensive treatment is to achieve the blood pressure of hypertension, thereby reducing the risk of complications and death of stroke, acute myocardial infarction, kidney disease. .

Different people are different because of age, basic diseases, and the target goals are different. "The blood pressure is not low, and the buck is not more faster.

"" There will be dangerous fluctuations in blood pressure. " "Wu Yun said that antihypertensive treatment should adhere to the principle of" reaching the standard, steady, integrated management ". Among them, the standard is the fundamental of controlling blood pressure, early premature premature benefits, long-term anti-pressure long-term benefits; long-term adherence to healthy lifestyle And drug treatment can we achieve smooth pressure; it is necessary to manage blood pressure and complications based on individualization. If the blood pressure drop speed is too fast, the pressure in the blood vessel will decrease, and the blood flow speed is slow, which will cause heart, brain, Important organ ischemia, blood flow perfusion, and cerebral vascular content, calendering, caulk, causing insufficient blood supply due to other reasons, causing ischemic cerebrovascular disease.

If the patient itself has cerebrovascular stenosis, the blood pressure will increase the risk of ischemic brain stroke.

Experts have reminded that patients with hypertension should gradually fall into the target level within 4 weeks to 8 weeks, and patients with short blood pressure can be achieved faster. Wu Yun suggested that once patients with hypertension have been diagnosed, it can initiate drug treatment while lifestyle intervention. Drug treatment begins with a small dose, gradually add doses as needed; prioritizing long-acting preparation, reducing blood pressure fluctuation; some patients have difficulty control, need to be combined under the guidance of doctors; according to patient specific conditions, drug effectiveness and tolerance, selection Suitable drugs.

  "Drug treatment should be insisted for a long time, can’t eat medicine today, it is the blood pressure. If you don’t take medicine the next day, this blood pressure fluctuation is 上海水磨会所服务 greater to the body.

"Wu Yun said," Benefits to get the benefits of step-down, you must have long-term adherence to the specification to take antihypertensive drugs, whether or not the blood pressure drops to normal, there are no dizziness and other symptoms, you must adhere to the medicine. ".