Float County Procuratorate: Proliferation and Lamp Repair Ecology 

Recently, the Float County People’s Procuratorate established centralized proliferation and discharge points in the Changjiang River Basin, Fuanghe section, and jointly developed a centralized proliferation and disclosure activities in the United County Agricultural Rural Bureau, and the water police station, and funded Zhangmou’s five involved in the case. Fish is placed in the river, proliferates with all kinds 上海千花娱乐论坛 of fish and other types of fish, squid, squid and other types of fish. Zhang Mouo and others use the land, fishing nets and other disabled tools or electric fish, etc., forbidden to fish, banned fishing area fishing, and its behavior is suspected of 上海新茶私人工作室 illegally capturing water products.

In order to repair the damage caused by illegal fishing on the ecological environment, the hospital shall order the personnel in accordance with the "illegal fishing case involvement and the evaluation and repair measures (trial)" provisions, paying the fishery resource loss compensation Proliferation.

For voluntary crimes, actively repair the ecological involvement personnel, the hospital implemented the criminal justice policy of less velutation, according to law, effectively realized a win-win situation for 上海耍耍网 punishing crimes and protecting the ecological environment. The reason for the combination is more than legal awareness, and the ban is not understanding, and the case prosecutor production banned fisherman’s fishery, detailed, in detail, forbidden fishing area, ban, disabling tools, disabling methods and related legal provisions, In-depth townships issued more than 2,000 publicity materials to the masses, and urge those involved in the case to be typical, carrying out banned knowledge obligations to preach, and effectively form all the good atmosphere of Changjiang.

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