Guangdong has 上海松江保健一条街 driven millions of companies in 5 years, "Shang Yun Yun"

  On the morning of July 9, in the Guangdong Provincial Digital Transformation Implementation Plan and Several Policy Measures, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Communications Administration, interpreted the latest issuance of "Guangdong Province manufacturing Industry Digital Transformation Implementation (2021-2025) "and" Several Policy Measures for Digital Transformation in Guangdong Province ", and answer reporters.

  "By 2025, we strive to promote the digitalization of more than 50,000 large-scale industrial enterprises in Guangdong Province, driving 1 million companies ‘on the clouds’." The Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Directors "said that the city is in accordance with local actual research Formulate a distribution policy measures related to manufacturing digital transformation, provincial, municipalities, counties (cities, districts) linkage, forming policy complex, and jointly promoting digital transformation of manufacturing industry. As early as March 2018, Guangdong took the lead in introduced "Guangdong Province deepened" Internet + Advanced Manufacturing "Development Industrial Internet Implementation Plan and Supporting Policy Measures.

In the past three years, the promotion of digital transformation of 上海普陀区桑拿水磨manufacturing has achieved initial results, and has become one of the first batch of 2 industrial Internet national demonstration zones.

  As of the end of June this year, Guangdong has cultivated more than 200 benchmark demonstration projects, introduced more than 440 excellent manufacturing digital transformation services, including four national cross-industry cross-industry internet platforms, the number of national first; carried out Guangzhou Huadu Shiling Box Leather, Dongguan Songshan Lake Electronic Information, Foshan Shunde Small Appliances and other digital transformation pilots The cloud is clouded ".

  "The two documents introduced this time are both a continuation of past policies. It is also a new chapter in the digital transformation of Guangdong manufacturing during the ’14th Five-上海哪里有服务 Year Plan." Tu Gao Kun said that in 2018, the policy is more than four aspects. protrude.

First, it highlights the cluster transformation, and identifies the key directions of digital transformation and empowerment; the second is to highlight accurate Metri, targeting industry leading backbone enterprises, small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, industrial parks, industrial chain supply Chain classification; three is highlighting platform enritation, especially emphasizes the role of key industrial Internet platforms such as cross-industry, cross-areas; The zone is jointly forming policy synergy, allowing policies to get more ground, give full play to regional advantages, and take differentiated manufacturing digital transformation paths. (Southern Daily reporter Zhang Zi Jun Lin Lin).