Album Story – Jiangsu Channel – People’s Network

Beginning in June 2019, the whole party has carried out the theme education of "unforgettable, remembering the mission".

Jiangsu’s red resources are all one of the first regions of the Chinese Communist 上海后花园花千坊 Party to establish organizational and activities. It is Zhou Enlai, Qu 上海哪里有spa飞机 Qiubai, Zhang Taiyine, and Daiying and other CPC’s hometown. There are more influenza blood and rain.I don’t forget the beginning, I have to remember the history of revolution; bear in mind the mission, I have to keep in mind the party’s purpose.

To this end, the People’s Daily Network Jiangsu Channel successively launched the video program of the "Story of the Director of the County Party Committee", "The Troubleshooting Story", combined with the red resources, the mission, the condensation development consensus, accumulating the forces.