Building protection network release innovation bonus

Butylbenine is a kind of innovative medicine in my country’s third autonomous research and development after artemisin and bicyclic alcohol. It is the first new chemistry in the treatment of "ischemic stroke" (cerebral infarction). Drugs, unique anti-stroke effects.

Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. (known as Pharmaceutical Group) has the relevant intellectual property rights of the drug, combined with the actual medication requirements of different patients, currently developed the social and injection of two product dosage forms, series of drugs Get highly recognized, annual sales exceeded 7 billion yuan in 2020, and the market returned.

The biphenylphthalide is a "seed player" in the field of innovative drugs, and has repeatedly encountered challenges in the dark, the fierce competitive chemical market, but can break the waves, stand up and tide, and have obtained the launch of the inquiry pharmaceutical breakout. The rapid results of competition are not only a breakthrough treatment, but also a three-dimensional protection network that does not leave the Pharmaceutical Group from the intellectual property layout and risk prevention and control to the rights response. With the further improvement of my country’s innovative drug research and development strength, the intellectual property strategy and implementation of the biphenylphthalide also provides the model of the market’s future similar participants.

In 1999, "City Wall Barriers" in 1999, the Pharmaceuticals Group passed the patent rights of the invention to obtain the presentation of the invention "celery" as the application of prevention and treatment of brain-deficient diseases ", after studying and fully developing and adequate Clinical trial verification, stunnefalphthalide soft capsules and injection adapted to the clinical needs of patients with ischemic strokes in different degrees, in 2004, 2010 were approved, the treatment utility and medical benefits were widely recognized by medical and major patients. This series of drugs become the fist products of the Pharmaceutical Group. "Pioneer" drug development is easy to be technically challenged, and the value of the money is also attracting the intelligence of the competitors to share a piece. What is the urban pool? The strict intellectual property protection of Shijiao Group helped him first trick, chess high.

High quality patents are the core advantages of innovating drug competition. Over the years, the Pharmaceutical Group has steadily engaged in research and development, and focusing on the creativity of the core patents and the impact of related technologies. The biphenylphthalide injection is called "biphenyl cyclodextrin or cyclodextrial derivatives and preparation methods and uses", and the preparation method thereof has been doubtful, and the technological creativity is questioned. One of the challenges The requester took the initiative to withdraw, and the other two challenges were eventually identified to maintain patents, and were listed by the National Intellectual Property Office as one of the top ten cases of patent review in 2020.

In addition, the biphenyl group industrialization project and the product have obtained a number of awards such as "China Patent Gold Award" "China Industrial Award" "National Strategic Innovation Products". Perfecting the intellectual property layout further reinforced the competitive barriers of biphenylphthalide. Since 1999, the Pharmaceutical Group focuses on the research and development of biphenylphthalide drug research, from the use, preparation, synthesis method, etc. Registered the approval, the different stages of listing sales, implemented different patented layout strategies according to differentiated intellectual property assessments. Up to now, the biphenium phthalide has accumulated 64 domestic patent applications, and achieving patented layouts in 72 countries and regions overseas, constructing a multi-angle, multi-level, wide-range patented protection network. In 2003, the Pharmaceutical Group launched the "Enbu" trademark of the "Enbu" trademark for the "Enbu" trademark. Today, the Shijiapi Group has obtained 62 "Enbu" related trademarks, covering 34 different goods and services, and submitting 20 foreign-related business standards, and has been protected by 14 countries and regions, brand building for core markets. The consolidation effect is equally obvious. Stereo protection network helps "chess three strokes" innovative research and development investment in the market, just like "Sub-pace", take a step, three steps, more steps, more peacefully. The Pharmaceutical Group has built an intellectual property protection network from the various stages of R & D to the production and sales from the aspects 上海品茶高端微信 of the Patent Warning and Risk Prevention and Control, Rights Rights, and the Products from R & D to Production and Sale. Information support and measures are guaranteed. In terms of patent warning and risk prevention and control, the Pharmaceutical Group has established monitoring mechanisms on the key similar products and important competitors in the market, and regularly carry out information tracking and evaluation 上海奉贤快餐女 of intellectual property layout, according to Market dynamics adjust their intellectual property strategy. In terms of rights to rights, in view of the core patent, the Pharmaceutical Group launched a comprehensive rights protection for multiple imitation drug registration applications for biphenylphthalide, and actively responded to the invalid challenge of core patents. . Under the advancement of a series of intellectual property strategic initiatives, the Pharmaceutical Group has not only achieved a rich return in the domestic market, but also stabilized the leading position of innovative drug research and development enterprises, but also favored by international capital and market.

In 2006, the Pharmaceutical Group and the US Well-known drug research company signed the patent implementation license agreement of the butylphthalide soft capsule products in the European and American markets, and created the primary river for the implementation of drug patents to the world’s developed countries; 2007, stone medicine The Group has signed a patent and market license agreement between the Korean pharmaceutical companies in Korea, and the international market benefits have gradually emerged. "Intellectual property is not only a forward-looking consciousness, but also the escort mechanism of innovation with the same way, and is a strong development of the broad market." The relevant person in charge of the Pharmaceutical Group said.

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